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Walking on the Water

When a project has been launched, a lot has been done up to that point simply because we believe that God is at work amongst a people. We act on the knowledge that God has prepared a group to receive His Word in their heart language. No one advertised this need; we just went looking and found those God had prepared. Thus far we have been walking in faith. The signs are there that this is where we should invest and we establish a new venture. We start looking for the funds, identifying potential donors and those God has called to be involved with us. We cannot do this alone. Time and time again, God meets us as we step out. There is a tension between us stepping out and God meeting us. Just like Peter experienced when walking on the water, as recorded in Matthew 14, we too need to keep our eyes fixed on our source. He has a plan; we have joined Him in the work and He will provide. This is His vineyard!

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