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What We Do


At the core of what we do is Bible translation. We strive to produce translations of the complete Bible that are accurate to the meaning of the original manuscripts, are natural, and are clearly understandable. All translations are done by mother tongue speakers of the language. 


Training is a fundamental aspect of our work at TWFTW whereby we equip translators for Bible Translation. This is done through our four year Diploma in Bible Translation training program, geared towards fostering attitudes, skills and knowledge that are crucial for the work of Bible translation. 


Many of the languages we work in have never had a writing system. We work with these language communities to plan and launch mother-tongue literacy programs alongside Bible translation projects. Based on their unique sound system, a writing system is developed.


We partner with like-minded individuals and organisations to assist with the the A-Z of Bible Translation, from researching needs, recruiting translators, training and checking translations, to raising funds, monitoring projects, typesetting, finding suitable printers for the final product and ensuring access to the scriptures by the end users.

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