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The Purvachep New Testament!

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

In 2018, the Purvachep people group entered the New Year with the New Testament available in their very own language for the first time in history! Since then, they have been using the Word of God in local church services, when praying for the sick, during youth meetings, during women’s meetings, in times of family and personal devotions, and in school for memory verses. Multiple people simply said, “Everywhere, on every occasion!”

One young Purvachep man testified that:

“When I used to read the Bible in another language, it never touched me. But when I read our New Testament, it touches my heart. I am able to understand and feel confident to read now.” [sic]

A mother shared: “When we used another language Bible, my children could not understand it, even when I tried to explain it to them. But now my children read and understand the Bible all by themselves!” [sic]

Another man shared: “Before getting the New Testament, I felt shy to say I am a Purvachep; but now I am proud to say I am Purvachep, and I can speak to God with my own mother tongue.”

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