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In His Way

As in farming, effective implementation is essential in the work of Bible translation. We have identified the field and pinpointed the workers. The next step is the ground plan. How will the work of Bible translation be implemented in a particular region or language? This decision is usually based on the region, the languages involved and the sensitivity of the project. Using our creative minds and in prayerful discussions, we come up with a strategy that we believe is God's master plan. 

In farming, the soil, weather conditions and innumerable internal and external conditions impact the design of the methodology to be employed in raising a harvest worthy of the effort. How does that relate to Bible translation? Our plan is also determined by the environment and other considerations. Is it friendly or hostile, are there security issues and what would be the most effective strategy for implementing the blueprint? God's hand clearly guides us as we ascertain this and design the action plan... In His way. 

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