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In His Time

There is a time to sow seeds, a time to water and a time to harvest. In the work of Bible translation, we are like farmers. We too wait for God's timing when initiating new ventures. He has gone ahead of us to prepare the people in a language area, and we need to read the signs of the season so that we engage with the right people in His time. Just like farming, there are signs that the season is right for us to move into a region or language. What does that look like on the ground? 

Once key people are identified in a region, we orientate them to the modus operandi in The Word for the World, including best practices in the field of Bible translation and the processes of a project. This is a good time to evaluate those that seem to be called to this work. Survey is then conducted by these representatives to ascertain sociolinguistic and other readiness amongst the people for the Scriptures in their own language. Will a particular language continue to be spoken in the coming generations, do the people value their mother tongue and is a project viable? These are all indicators that the soil is ready for ploughing and planting, and this helps us to see that the time is right... It is God's time for these people!

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